Original Design

made to order, individual fitting..

Even though I have a degree in Fashion & Business, 'fashion' does not have my interest at all.
I have an interest in beautiful clothes and great materials. I always had a love for classic men's wear.
The skill, the materials and the tradition -
it is rich with history!

Fast fashion and trends is catching my attention now or during my time at school.
I do not care what other people think might be trendy or fashionable in the future. I create what I think is beautiful to wear, feels good and is made from the best materials!

I can spend hours just drawing small details, over and over again - making them fit into the bigger picture.
Not drawing hundreds of different designs but focusing on one at the time.

A teacher from London once told me; "trying to figure out a target group is not important - make something amazing and the target group will develop itself".
This changed everything for me!

Below you can see some of my recent work, if interested please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Fotograf Fredericia – Martin Ries Fotografi

Collaboration with STORM COPENHAGEN

Photography by OLIVER KNAUER -

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